Sponsor Agreement 

  1. RIGHT TO SELL: Healthy Denver Inc. (HDI) grants YOU, the vendor, the right to sell, distribute, display, or provide-and vendor agrees to sell, distribute, display or provide- at the market site, only the items and/or services listed and described on the Sponsor Application: nothing else, especially food (unless, of course, you are applying for a food booth).

  2. BOOTH SPACE: HDI will provide space at the festival site for the exclusive use of the vendor. Space is 10’x10’. On the Sponsor Application, the vendor can check the boxes in which applies to them for table and chair rental. If the vendor rents a table and 2 chairs from HDI- they are guaranteed those amenities. It is highly recommended to all Vendors, to supply a canopy for their space.

  3. ELECTRICITY: ~IMPORTANT INFO~ Electricity at the site is very limited. If you need electricity, please let us know in the Vendor Application form. Please bring a 25’ extension cord and, if you need more than one outlet-a power strip. None will be provided onsite.

  4. SETUP: The site will open at 9:30 am for Vendors to set up their booths. Each Vendor will have a designated space and can ask any HDI employee (will have HDF shirt on) to show them their space. Booths must be fully set up by opening at 11:00am. Please park in the lot to the North of Bruz Beers. The entrance to the festival is to the East by the community garden.

  5. HOURS: The festival is open from 11:00am until 4:00pm. The vendor agrees to stay open until the close of the festival.

  6. BREAK DOWN: Vendor agrees to break down his/her booth and remove EVERYTHING they brought with them.

  7. Vendor shall keep their booth area clean and sanitary at all times. Vendor shall be responsible for removing any and all trash, recycling and compost from his/her booth and surrounding area, and for disposing of it in the designated containers provided onsite. Please clean your site fully before leaving and take everything with you. This is a “leave no trace” event.

  8. Vendor is responsible for complying with all county fire and safety regulations, and for food booths, health department requirements.

  9. Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold HDI, its producers, sponsors, staff harmless from any claims or causes of action arising out of, or in any way connected with, the activities of the Vendor, or sale by the Vendor to the attendees of its products and/or services at HDI.

  10. If in the judgment of HDI the operation of the booth or the quality of the merchandise or services does not meet the requirements of this agreement, or if the vendor is in default of any other term of this agreement, HDI may terminate this agreement in part or in its entirety at any time.

  11. Vendor may terminate this agreement at any time prior to the event with the understanding that all fees paid to HDI will be forfeited by Vendor. Once set up at the event, vendor agrees to stay set up for the full event, until 4:00pm.

  12. ADVERTISEMENT: We ask that all of our vendors, once fully applied and paid in full send to Healthydenverfest@gmail.com,any and all of the following for advertising purposes on our web and social media platforms: logos, websites, email addresses, and social media handles and links. We are here to help you advertise as well, so please send these, and any new promotional links that arise so we can help your business and bring you more business at the festival.

  13. FOR THE CHILDREN: If you feel so inspired, we encourage you to have at your booth a free activity for children. This can be very simple, such as a game, a project, or any activity… even stickers or balloons to give away. This has been a fun and popular aspect of this festival. Not required.

  14. Please read the above Sponsor Booth Agreement and the Sponsor Booth Application below. All the information you need should be here. If you have further questions, please contact your HDI representative.